RD Company 


Roc Dance Company Members are dedicated to dance and being a member of our company not only means exciting performance opportunities but it also means a lifetime of memories, friends and what it means to be part of a dance family.

Our Company dancers compete locally in the Rochester & Buffalo area and are exposed to guest choreographers, conventions and additional performance opportunities. As an additional commitment to technique classes, company dancers are chosen based on their technique, ability and dedication! For further information regarding company casting please contact our office! 



This level is the first step from recreational to company level and is designed for our students ready to increase their commitment to dance. Dancers will further explore the core subjects of Ballet, Tap and Jazz. While developing their use of rhythm, movement and coordination. We encourage our dancers to have previous dance experience in a recreational multidisciplinary class.


Our Intermediate level is catered to the dancer willing to maintain a certain level of dedication to their technical development and performance skills. Dancers will start to fine tune their technique in all disciplines with the addition of styles such as lyrical, contemporary, pointe and musical theater.


Advanced classes are for our most experienced and dedicated dancer. Classes will enable the students to fine tune their technique in all disciplines with style and confidence.  All advanced students will be equipped with the skills to perform, audition and pursue a career in the arts if they choose so.


Our Classes

The following dance disciplines are offered to all of our dancers at all levels.



Ballet is the core structure of dance, it is the foundation for most other disciplines and we encourage all students to attend weekly Ballet classes.Whether your dancer is 2 years old and learning to walk on her tiptoes for the first time, pretending to be a princess or mastering the technique as a teen, we believe that it teaches hard work, discipline and dedication at any age. Strong ballet technique will transfer into other dance disciplines.



Characterized by technical and strong movements, jazz teaches precision, sharpness and quickness. Originating from ballet and ethnic forms of dance, class typically features currentand classic styles of music and movement.This allows each dancer to interpret and execute steps in their own original style all while exploring the dynamics of body movement. This class focuses on strength, flexibility, leaps and turns. Jazz dance is energetic and fun!



Tap teaches dancers rhythm and timing and overtime can help with ankle mobility and joint strength. We encourage all dancers to attend tap classes to maximize their skill set.